POLITEIA Tenth Annual Forum on Business Ethics and Corporate
Social Responsibility in a Global Economy

Back to basics: What is the Purpose of the Corporation?

Milano, October 3, 2014 | Sala Cinema, Fondazione Eni Enrico Mattei | Corso Magenta 63 - Milano

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Robert Edward Freeman
“In what sense does the Stakeholder approach, as introduced by you thirty years ago, challenge the common way of framing the corporation’s purpose? What does “managing for stakeholders” mean?”
“In light of the deep changes that we are witnessing in the global economy (the success of new economies, the spread of new economic paradigms such as the sharing economy, etc.), do you think that the evolution of Stakeholder Theory will be sufficient or a further “revolution” (as the Stakeholder Theory has been over the last decades) in the next few years / decades is necessary?”

François Maon
“Starting from the formulation of the Stakeholder Theory by RE Freeman, what is your opinion on  the evolution of the civil society towards multinational corporations? Are the Occupy movements a point of no return,  which will force MNEs to change their behavior to avoid more violence in the future?”

Simone de Colle
“Over the last years, the debate on the purpose of the corporation has benefited from the contribution of economists such as Judy Nelson, who introduced the concept of “economics per humans”, and of jurists such as Lynn Stout, who has questioned the myth of shareholder value.  In what way does their contribution affect stakeholder theory?”


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